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Men's short-sleeve embroidered shirt "Vortex"

Ukie Style

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Men's shirt with real cross-stitch embroidery on blue linen. Advanced geometric pattern.
Innovative design with short sleeves for a comfortable wear on hot summer days. The contemporary look of a very traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka. Perfect match to wear with jeans or shorts. 

50% linen (flax)

30% cotton

20% polyester

Made in Ukraine

Measurements for sizes:

Chest, inches Length, inches
XSmall (38) 39 29
Small (39) 42 29
Medium (40) 43 30
Large (41) 44 30
XLarge (42) 46 31
XXLarge (43) 47 31
3XLarge (44) 49 31
4XLarge (45) 50 31

Please, provide extra 5 inches plus to the actual measurements of your chest for best fit. 


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Type: shirt

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