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Ukrainian sweat suit "Tryzub" lady's black

Ukie Style

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The Tryzub - Trident - Ukrainian coat of arms - is worn as a symbol of Ukrainian national pride, as a symbol of the Christian Trinity, or as a synthesis of the divine elements of fire and water in the manifest world. 

High quality knitwear sweat suit for all  kinds of informal activities and leisure. Very natural-feel soft fabric is breathable and practical. Your suit will keep the shape and look great after many uses.  

Real embroidery. 

50% cotton

50% viscose

Made in Ukraine

Dimensions for sweatshirt:

Chest, inches Length on front, inches Sleeve, inches
Small 36 22 26.5
Medium 39 23 27
Large 42 23.5 28


Dimensions for pants:

Waist, inches Hips, inches Length, inches
Small 28 35 39
Medium 30 37 39.5
Large 32 41 39.5


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