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Easter bread baking paper forms. Red. Set of 5 various sizes

Ukie Style

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Paper disposable forms are simple, practical and economical for Easter bread baking!
The forms are made of special paper, they do not deform and have high fat, moisture and thermal stability. The bottom and sides of the molds are perforated to eliminate excess moisture. They also preserve the freshness and taste of the finished product, as well as provide decorative appearance and convenience. 

Made in Ukraine. 

100% parchment. 

The set includes one of each forms:
2.7 * 3.5 inches - 150 grams Paska
3.5 * 3.5 inches - 250 grams Paska
4.5 * 3.5 inches - 350 grams Paska
5.0 * 3.5 inches - 500 grams Paska
6.0 * 3.5 inches - 650 grams Paska

Collections: Easter, Home goods

Type: Paska

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