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Easter egg decor "Pysanka" Set of 7. Hutsul


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Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax resist (aka batik) method.

If you don't have enough time to hand-decorate all your Easter eggs, these wraps will be your saviors. They will turn your plain eggs into decorated beauties in seconds. They're extremely easy to use:

- cut the design piece on the edge of ornament pattern

- slip a hard boiled chilled egg in the wrapper

- dip it into boiling water with a spoon for 3-5 seconds.

The wrap will shrink around the egg to become a beautiful Pysanka without the mess and hassle of dyes and wax. And it's also perfectly safe. 

Made in Ukraine

Collections: Easter, Home goods

Type: egg wrap

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