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Easter egg dye set 5 colors

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Krashanka is what most people refer to as “Easter egg”. Egg, representing the creation of new life, is an inseparable part of Easter traditions in Ukraine and all of Europe. Krashanky are easier to decorate than Pysanky. Also, they require eggs to be cooked first. They are blessed and eaten at Easter. 

A set of water-soluble food dyes for decorating Easter eggs. The set includes five bags of 5 g of bright colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue),  the solution from one bag is enough to paint up to 20 eggs. The finished solution can be reused, you just need to heat it. Dyes are made from food raw materials, so they can also be used for confectionery and culinary products.

Made in Ukraine.


* dissolve the contents of 1 bag in  250 ml of hot water

* add 1 tbsp of vinegar

* deep previously cooked hot eggs into the liquid for 1-2 minutes

* lay the dyed eggs on a paper towel or cloth to air dry

* (optional) for extra shine rub the eggs in cooking oil. 

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