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Egg paste-dye set "Mother-of-Pearl Krashanka" 5 colors

Ukie Style

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Krashanka is what most people refer to as “Easter egg”. Egg, representing the creation of new life, is an inseparable part of Easter traditions in Ukraine and all Europe. Krashanky are easier to decorate than Pysanky. Also, they require eggs to be cooked first. They are blessed and eaten at Easter. 


The best results achieved with HOT BROWN eggs. 

1. Prepare eggs, scissors, spoon, towels or napkins.

2. Hard-boil eggs, and let them sit in hot water to keep warm. 
Deep the tubes with dye in hot water (160-190 F) for 1-2 min. 

3. Cut off the edge of a dye tube.

4. Wipe an egg with a towel to be dry. Put on plastic gloves, provided in the package. Apply few drops of dye onto the egg. 

5. Rub the dye into the eggshell until dry.

6. To start with another color wash the gloves and wipe them dry. 

The content of each tube is enough to dye 3-5 eggs. 

Made in Ukraine.

Food grade Non-GMO ingredients. 

The set contains 3 ml color tubes - 5 pcs, 1 pair of plastic gloves. 

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