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Genuine leather Cossack wide belt

Ukie Style

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A genuine leather Cossack wide belt is a wonderful attribute of the Ukrainian Cossack image. It's mighty but soft and flexible. 
Leather Cossack belts used to be part of the military equipment. Cossack cavalry wore special fasteners on them for hanging sabers. A large number of things could be attached to the belt: a sword, a knife, a spoon, a powder keg, one or two wallets, and more.

This quality product will serve its owner for a long time. By purchasing such a quality piece of craftsmanship art you contribute to the support and development of Ukrainian national culture.

Fits sizes 40" - 46". 

Weight: 11 oz.

Made in Ukraine.

Collections: Accessories, Belts, Men's, NEW

Type: belt

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