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Gift box with Ukrainian ribbon Tesma. Red Alatyr. Two sizes

Ukie Style

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Get your gift packed into special box with authentic Ukrainian ribbon Tesma. 

The boxes are made of carton with glossy white exterior. 

A 20*30 inches sheet of specially designed tissue is included.

Each 11.5*8.5*1 5/8 in box can fit:

- long sleeve shirt and a pair of socks

- two short sleeve shirts and a necklace

- a mini or midi dress

- girls skirt and a shirt or blouse etc. 

Each 10*7*1.5 in box can fit:

- men's t-shirt

- women's t-shirt and a necklace

- kids t-shirt and a pair of socks

- apron and a kitchen towel (or two)

Please, contact with any questions or consultation on your perfect gift assembly. 

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