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Souvenir mace stainless steel pernach

Kozatska Maysternja

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Pernach is a type of mace - an ancient cold weapon, known from the olden days in many nations. It is known to be used by Ukrainians, Poles, Turks, and other nations. 

Pernach was a short-barreled weapon of impact-crushing action, consisting of a warhead firmly and steadfastly fixed to the handle. It was used by both infantry and cavalry. It could strike quickly in any direction.

The destructive force of the pernach blow was increased by plates welded to the head. Such a weapon with the same weight and size strikes more effectively than a mace, due to the smaller contact area. Also, in comparison with the mace, the probability of slipping the blow is significantly reduced. Pernach broke the plates of armor and shields but did not get stuck or jammed in them.

 Enjoy this modern interpretation of the ancient pernach skillfully crafted by passionate artisans in Ukraine.  By purchasing such a quality piece of craftsmanship art you contribute to the support and development of Ukrainian national culture.

Feel the power and strength of the Cossacks, which they possessed centuries ago, and passed down the history for us to be proud of today.

Hand-made in Ukraine.

Genuine leather on the handle.

Stainless steel.

18.5" long.

1.2 Lb weight.

A polished linden stand is included. 

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Type: Mace

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