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Ukrainian flag with Trident. Copper pole

Ukie Style

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Official Ukrainian flag with Trident (Tryzub). Perfect for hanging in your car with a  suction cap.
Dimensions are 6.25 by 4.5 inches. The pole is 9 inches.
100% gabardine (80% Polyester 20% Rayon).
Gabardine fabric has a sophisticated look, it's smooth and durable.
Made in Ukraine. 
100% of proceeds will go towards veterans of the conflict in Ukraine with Adopt a Soldier Initiative. With your help, the Ukraine War Amps will provide monthly stipends of at least $50 to as many Ukrainian Heroes as we can. Adopt a Soldier establishes a unique bridge between you and the amputee whom you’d like to help on monthly basis or just occasionally, so you’re always connected. The sole purpose of the Ukraine War Amps is to assist injured soldiers and patriots who have fought for the liberty of their country during the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine.

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