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Women's short sleeve shirt with real embroidery "Blossomy". Black

Ukie Style

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Enchanting 3/4 sleeve shirt with gorgeous floral embroidery. Delicate satin stitching on the front and sleeves is the main attractiveness of the shirt. It's like wearing a beautiful wildflower bouquet that never wilts.  
The fabric is soft and comfortable. Easy care: hand wash is preferred; for machine wash turn the shirt inside out and place it in a laundry bag, color cycle, warm or cold water. 

55% viscose

35% cotton

10% spandex

Made in Ukraine

Measurements for sizes:

Chest, inches Length, inches Sleeve, inches
Small 30 21 15
Medium 32 21 15
Large 34 21 15
XLarge 36 22 15
XXLarge 38 23 15.5
3XLarge 41 23.5 15.5
4XLarge 44 24 15.5

Collections: Short sleeve tops, Women's

Type: shirt

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